Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Night Blogging Episode 3

Today’s SNB will be a bit short (a lot short, actually) because I have been neglecting my main webpage.

- Palm Beach Mall in Florida is closing today, leaving only George's Music and JCPenney alive.
- Cities XL, the new city builder from Monte Cristo in France is finally shutting down its much-hated Planet Offer, leaving a solo option, which the players originally wanted in the first place. That is, if MC stays in business.
- I also want to share my thoughts on the iPad but I can’t really do it because the Apple/Mac websites offer enough commentary to make anything I say redundant (Macsurfer lists a bunch of good sites with the day’s best articles)
- And of course, a special offer for TWR readers. Request a FREE* CD-R with the following:

• Every single Two Way Roads post!
• Unreleased posts!
• Hard copies of YouTube videos!
• Hard copies of images here!
• The Labelscar posts!
• A PDF version of the blog you can print out for a cozy read!
• And more!!

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