Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ice Cream

Wait: before you read this, play or download this to get in the mood. Ice cream used to be the American treat. Now it still is, but split between the grocery store type and the snooty Starbucks drinkers. How so? In idyllic 50s through 80s America, the Good Humor man would come down the street, delivering high quality treats and ice cream to the children. Now ice cream trucks often have obnoxious tunes ("It's A Small World") carrying either overpriced licensed treats (such as SpongeBob, Super Mario, or Spider-Man) or obvious knockoffs. However, due to the way things tread, ice cream is slowly changing. We now have the ol' grocery store brand (which can be very good, depending on the brand) or you can go out to your local Cold Stone or Maggie Moo's for the good (ie, high-priced) stuff. We no longer favor Tin Roof, Rocky Road, Cookies n Cream, Neopolitan, Banana, or the once far more prominent Rum Raisin. Rum Raisin used to be everywhere, Ben & Jerry's even made it. Now, we favor Cotton Candy, Mango, Cake Batter, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, and Cheesecake. Waffle cones are out, Waffle Bowls are in.

Strangely enough, one flavor notably absent from the ice cream majors is Green Tea, a surprise due to green tea's recent popularity. What will happen when those flavors are passé and we end up eating weird but tasty flavors?

Whatever. I'm going downstairs to eat some ice cream.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Yoot Tower Tips

I got the legal version of Yoot Tower today. Here's a ton of tips (official) that you can find only here. (unless someone ripped it)

2 Stars: Pop. >1000, satisfied VIPs
3 Stars: Pop. >2000, satisfied VIPs
4 Stars: Pop. >5000, satisfied VIPs
Tower: Pop. >12000, 300 people must visit Stadium by 8PM

At the beginning, focus on offices, then in 2 stars go for the apartments to get office expansion revenue.
Later focus on commercial tenants (shops, restaurants, etc.)

2 Stars: Pop. >500, satisfied VIPs
3 Stars: Pop. >2000, satisfied VIPs
Tower: Pop. >8000, "More than 50 to visit by 2PM of off day to finance item" (including the space, I have no idea what it means)

Use hotel revenue to fund condos, but hotels are main source of revenue. After that focus on commercial tenants.

Bamboo: Pop. >200, satisfied VIPs
Pine: Pop. >1000, satisfied VIPs, more than 200 people to visit final attraction by 3PM.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: If someone wants to use this in a walkthrough, please email me at earthboundmanNOSPAM AT Gmail DOT COM (replace the "NOSPAM" and arrange everything so it fits in your email). Otherwise it would be plagarism and I will be royally upset at you.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome to Two-Way Roads

Welcome to Two Way Roads, friends and family. In Two-Way Roads, you will not hear of miserable days or what losers my friends are. You'll find really interesting stuff that pops into my mind. So, without further ado, welcome to Two Way Roads.

May the force be with you.