Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Failure to thrive

If you're still checking TWR, despite my best efforts, Two Way Roads cannot come back, as it has run its course and has been supplanted with other blogs in the system. After all, it has given to rise to so many new things.

For in-depth city-related stuff in which I focus on my own city, check out:
In, Around, and About the Brazos Valley. This post even pays homage to the fact that it was originally a TWR post.

For a blog where I talk about video games of all sorts, including Sim games and Nintendo games check out:
evenings with (old) games. A Yoot Tower post is coming soon!

For the "main" personal blog, the one that focuses on life at the university, and also the home of where most of the scans wash up, check out Carbonizer!

For a blog where I look at magazines of the video game variety and the computer variety, and reminisce/criticize/catalog them, check out Blue Skies and Nintendo.

For a site where I focus on retail stuff, including several articles, check out Pseudo3D's Retail Related.

In short, the Two Way Roads revitalization isn't really possible, because it was obsolete from day one. Soon I'll create a post for Yoot Tower at ew(o)g, which will truly put the past to rest.

Think of Two Way Roads as a giant scarred tree, and these sites as its "acorns". Some of the first acorns died off (Single Track Railroads, Broken Macintosh), but they are going strong.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

...and we're back?

Hello and welcome back to Two Way Roads! Two Way Roads is full of obsolete, ancient posts, many of which will be removed in the future (the worst of them at least).

As Carbonizer promised, Two Way Roads is back with a new look (the first time since ever, apparently--at least the only version that's stuck) and I plan to cover transit/city-related stuff, with the occasional video game article (or non-sequitur).

The layout is still a little wonky (particularly the text below "Two Way Roads"), but that's O.K.: I'm working on it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blog Necromancy: Under Construction

You may notice some "disappearing pages" at Two Way Roads. That's OK. I'm fully aware of that. Check back for something awesome here soon!