Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Northridge, Chinese Mall!

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Old Northridge mall bought by Chinese investors; mall to open in 2010
Chrystina HeadFOX 6 Reporter
December 30, 2009

WITI-TV, MILWAUKEE - After six years of sitting empty Northridge Mall will be open once again. Most are wondering if the new Northridge Mall will be anything like the old one.

The answer is now, it will be nothing like the old Northridge. The person who purchased the mall is going for a completely different approach.

Pretty soon this vacant mall that many consider an eyesore will be open once again. A developer from China has purchased the former Northridge Mall in hopes of breathing new life into the area and bringing Milwaukee a type of mall that does not currently exist. Business Journal Reporter Rich Kirchen says, "There is nothing like this anywhere, they're saying they want to call this the china mall of North America."

The hope is to attract people not just from the Milwaukee Metro area, but from across the midwest. They want to bring in about 200 Chinese companies to sell their products at Northridge. The new owners plan to remodel the shopping center inside and out.

The new mall is also expected to create 300-500 jobs for the city of Milwaukee. The mall is expected to have stores that carry everything from clothing to furniture. All will be Chinese brands that are not currently available in the United States.

The mall is expected to open August of 2010. Some think that projection is a little optimistic, and that the mall will open closer to Christmas in 2010.

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