Thursday, January 14, 2010

PowerPoint 1.0

PowerPoint is a powerful tool in today's "business" world, but today we're going to look at a a PowerPoint that wasn't made by Microsoft. No, not a bogus knock-off, the first PowerPoint made by Forethought, which was later absorbed by Microsoft. To run PPT1, you'll need a Mac Plus (emulator) and the software, but because we're running short on time, we'll give you the links later.

PowerPoint fits on an 800k disk! Wow!

That's it?

PowerPoint was significantly thinner back then, it has since got bloated

Classic (some would say dated) patterns...classic Mac at its finest!

Whoops, wrong selection.

Sadly, PowerPoint was not able to read the resulting document and we had to resort to TextEdit to get at the meaty bits of PowerPoint 1.0. It was a nasty process, but it did extract the text.

I almost forgot where to tell you to get it.

Available at the Macintosh Garden for FREE!

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