Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today's TWR Post, Brought to You By...

The Old San Francisco Steakhouse, once with several locations in Texas, has been reduced to just one in San Antonio (the Old San Francisco) distributed a map of Houston in the 1980s. While you cannot get an ice cream sundae for free or visit the restaurant in Houston, you can view this map.

Sorry for the slight distortion.

Wow. You can see how the Galleria and Memorial City Mall have grown since their early 1980s incarnations (the Memorial City Mall anchors at this time were Sears, Montgomery Ward, Lord & Taylor, and Foley's) but sadly, both the MKT railroad (paralleling I-10) and the Old San Francisco Steakhouse are completely gone.

Nothing to see here, with the minor exception of Westwood Mall and Sharpstown Center. Westwood is now an office complex, and Sharpstown is in bad shape, with an upcoming remodel plan to make it Hispanic-oriented.

If you squint on Northwest Mall, you'll see the script "Foley's" written. A nice touch (by the way, the original map was a bit darker and higher-res than this scan, but not too much). Also note Hanna-Barbera Land and Greenspoint Mall.

Sadly, the 70s looking Holiday Inn is still there though sources indicate it recently traded hands to Crowne Plaza (another Holiday Inn brand). Astroworld is NOT there, sadly, not under ANY name.

Gussie who?

I've neither driven through Washburn Tunnel or visited Gulfgate Center. Well, I will never be able to do the latter.

The ""sunken subdivision" is just east of here.

A steakhouse with the 1800s equivalents of strippers? What were those "saloon women" called anyway?

Anyway, that was the Houston map that I've been wanting to scan since around October (literally). For more vintage Houston, check out the HAIF's "Historic Houston". While not the foremost place for Houston history, there are many vignettes and stories not found in other, likely more comprehensive websites. Or download Google Earth and drag the time slider back to 1978.

And oh, on This Is Why You're Fat they featured the McDonald's Holiday Pie (née the Custard Pie). I had it in 2002, but I don't think I can get it locally. :(

Deliciously unhealthy-looking, isn't it?

TOMORROW: We wrap up 2009 by comparing it to 2008, 2006, 2004, and 1999. Predictions, resolutions, fireworks, and lots of booze (kidding) will follow.

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