Saturday, December 12, 2009

TIL: Not All Hope Is Lost?

In response to previous post:
Further poking around reveals a few artifacts: drivers and ancient OSs can be found here and some card manuals can be found here: Still, we don't know if the entire TIL has been recreated. Stay tuned.

And look: even this old tip faithfully recreated.

OK, so it wasn't nearly as bad as we thought. Still, it's very difficult to navigate through, plus Nintendo hasn't put up their games list like they were supposed to a few years ago. When did they pull that stunt? 2007? Nevermind, that's for another day.

Some of you may have worried about "removing things". I will just be going through the blog and archiving some terrible old posts. And my website is up but I can't connect to FTP. Grrr...AGAIN!

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