Monday, October 26, 2009


Today marks the day Geocities is shutting down. I'm not going to ramble on how it marks the end of an era, et cetera, or what the rest of the Internet is doing (see Wikipedia for that), I will some of the Geocities I remember.
This was one of my favorite sites back in the day...when I was really into Pokémon, our modem only was 56k (and you could hear it dialing up...does PPP mean anything to you), and I could only have 15 minutes of Internet time.
This was another Pokémon site but not one of my favorites. Devoted and named after a minor character in the animé, it had problems (stretching it across multiple servers, like "/richiesite2" caused problems when Yahoo deleted the others) and some cool information but nothing that couldn't be found elsewhere.
This was a site made after Geocities discontinued the "neighborhoods" but this disappeared around early 2004 (wow, has it already been five years?) I think I covered this in another (older/more embarrassing) blog post. You'd think it would be a rip-off of Todd Wilbur's work, but there was actually some thought put into it, such as how to make it taste McDonald's like (if I recall correctly, the Big Mac recipe required wrapping in wax paper, microwaving it, and then letting it sit a few more minutes...and no, they weren't sarcastic).

Sadly, these are the only Geocities sites I actually remember visiting. Still, I will miss Geocities.


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