Tuesday, February 23, 2010

McDonald's Memories #1: McBurgers

First off, it's snowing, so yay for areas that don't get snow normally (including here).

To start off my McDonald's post series (which will continue through this spring), I'd like to share McBurgers with you. McBurgers was a website with McDonald's clone recipes. And unlike the TopSecretRecipes versions, they were original (not ripped off) and told you exactly how to make McDonald's hamburgers "the old way". Unfortunately, it went offline in early 2004.

To compensate, here are some of the pages as I remember them. Some images may be missing.

Main page as I remember it.

The main recipe page. You may have to change your encoding to get?rid?of?the?question?marks? and it has some things that I'm not sure about (broccoli cheese soup? McDonald's?)

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