Friday, February 19, 2010

Breakfast burritos

I don't know what I was teasing about "Floridian hamburgers" (oh wait, now I do...but it's more of >this variety) but today's post is on a good TEXAN breakfast burrito.

2 flour tortillas (6" in diameter)
2 eggs
2 packets of Taco Bell sauce
2 "brown and serve" sausage patties
A slice of onion (preferably Texas 1014)
Cooking oil
Cheddar or colby cheese

1. Heat a small saucepan with some butter.
2. Mix about a tablespoon of milk with the eggs, until the mixture is a nice uniform yellow. Pour the mixture in the pan and make the scrambled eggs (which I won't tell here. If you don't know, help is a few clicks away)
3. About this time, if the tortillas are frozen (or you'd like them heated a bit) put them in the microwave. A wet paper towel will help moisten them.
4. Before the scrambled eggs are done, thaw (NOT cook) the sausage patties, dice the slice of onion, and butter the tortillas.
5. Move the scrambled eggs off heat (as in, out of the pan), and add a bit of oil to the pan. Chop up the sausage patties, and add the sausage patties and onion to the pan.
6. Cook those things thoroughly. Grate the cheese, if it's not already pre-grated.
7. Take everything off the pan. Put the eggs on a tortilla, followed by the sausages and onions, followed by cheese, followed by a packet of sauce, followed by salt and pepper.
8. Layer the other tortilla on the mound of food. Then put the sauce on the top tortilla somehow (I like to draw lines with the sauce)
9. Put the thing in the microwave for 15 seconds.
10. Eat with a knife and fork!

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